Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Earl - J Dilla

1 of my fav dilla beats. i wanna write something to this hmmm..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

diffrent perspectives...same question.

this may be boring to some.....but its very interesting if you listen.

Monday, November 23, 2009

chaha chaha chahaaaa

this will forever be my shit! lol. my dad always bought us foreign films to watch instead of like cartoons and stuff all the time so i like bollywood movies and kung fu films and such. lol. the beat is sick btw. indians be beatin'! and hitting those high notes.


flipping through channels on a rather dry thursday night i came across this vid on VH1 and it was kinda dope to me. maybe because it has alot of water affiliated images and sounds but its also under Delicious Vinyl record Co. and they are also known for artists like The Pharcyde so i mean, its gotta be dope. i feel it. and its recent. its from 09 i believe.

all wrapped up in bows <3

i like simple art sometimes....and its girly yet kinda diffrent....i love it.
artist: Charmaine Olivia


soo...i've been secretly writing to this flying lotus beat & its coming along great. i like this beat sounds kinda eerie, thats prolly why, lol.


i hope to fill this blog with the many changing thoughts and moods of me. as of now, this first post, i dont have too much time to say anything more.